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Gás Verde, Brazil’s biggest biomethane producer

Gás Verde produces biomethane, a 100% renewable fuel, issues the Decarbonization Credit (CBIOS), according to Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency, and will introduce the green CO2 in 2023. Gás Verde also offers the BioREC, a certificate to attest biomethane’s renewable origin.

Gás Verde sustainable solutions support the correct waste treatment, the transition to cleaner energy matrix and is contributing to avoid 500k tons of CO2-eq into the atmosphere until 2023.

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Biomethane, the 100% renewable fuel

The effective solution to fleets, productive process and companies’ ESG strategy.

Green CO2
food grade

The substitute for traditional CO2 is ideal for Food & Beverage and Metallurgy industries and the Sanitation sector.


Decarbonization credit promoted by the RenovaBio program, as a way to verify and incentivize the biomethane production.

BIORec Certificate

Traces back the biomethane origin to a renewable source, providing support to the companies GHG emission inventory in the GHG Protocol.

Ideal environmental solutions for:

Companies looking for renewable energy to support the energy transition and to meet ESG goals.

Landfill administrators looking for an adequate environmental solution to manage solid urban residues.

Agribusiness producers looking for an environmental solution to manage the production waste and energy self-sustainability.

Transportation providers in need to transition their fleet to biofuel in accordance to the sustainability standards and to address their client’s environmental demands.

Fuel stations operating with CNG.

Biomethane offers several benefits to companies and the environment

Ícone The environmental solution to manage urban and agribusiness waste
Ícone Biomethane is 100% renewable
Ícone Biomethane reduces GHG
emissions by 95%
Ícone Reduces 50% of noise pollution in relation to diesel
Ícone It has the same use as CNG and is regulated by Brazil’s National Petroleum Agency
Ícone The certificate attesting biomethane’s renewable origin
Ícone Effectively changes the productive process and reduces the need for carbon credits
Ícone Solution in compliance with ESG goals
Ícone Biomethane is free from variations in dollar and crude oil prices

Protect, transform and renew.
Gás Verde sustainable cycle.

By correctly managing the urban and agribusiness residue, we prevent GHG emissions in the atmosphere and also create products according to the circular economy. These renewable solutions, such as biofuel are the sustainable and economic replacements for fossil fuels and are paving the way to the energetic transition of several companies in Brazil.


Biomethane productive process brings benefits to companies and the environment

Processo produtivo

Urban and business waste is taken to sanitary landfills.


Bacteria digest organic material and producing methane and CO2.


System captures biogas and prevents the release of polluting gases into the atmosphere.


The biogas is purified to become biomethane according to ANP specifications.


Biomethane is distributed to companies.


Companies that adopt biomethane avoid new emissions and protect the environment.

We produce 130k m³ of biomethane daily.
By 2024, we’ll double the production.


Rio de Janeiro

The biggest landfill in Latin America produces 10k tons of waste daily.

Current production: 130k m3/day.
Production by 2024: 200k m3/day.

Green CO2
Food grade
Brazil’s first green CO2 plant from landfills.
Production by 2024: 100 tons/day.


Rio de Janeiro

Currently operating as a biogas thermic.
Production capacity: 17,5MW.

Biomethane production by 2024: 130k m3/day.


Rio de Janeiro

Currently operating as a biogas thermic.
Capacity: 8,5MW.

Biomethane production by 2024: 70k m3/day.

Own fleet

Delivering 175k m3/day in a 93 miles radius from the Seropédica Plant.