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Eva Energia transforms environmental liabilities into renewable electric energy at a low-cost for companies.

Eva Energia transforms waste from landfills and agribusiness into a low-cost, renewable electric energy. With plants in Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Mato Grosso, Eva has around 20MW total capacity and the confidence that’s offering the correct solution to manage environmental liabilities and the support to companies during their energy transition.

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Ideal environmental solutions for:

Companies looking for renewable energy to support the energy transition and to meet ESG goals.

Agribusiness producers looking for an environmental solution to manage the production waste and energy self-sustainability.

Landfill administrators looking for an adequate environmental solution to manage solid urban residues.

Electricity from biogas.
Less CO2 emissions and low energy costs


No expenditures or equipment installation

Your company gets electricity through the power distribution network.

No bureaucracy

Economy starts when contract is signed.

Energy cost reduction

In at least one energy bill a year.


Besides reaching ESG goals and reducing the carbon print, your company also protects the environment.

The solution to manage environmental liabilities and to reduce energy costs.


Flexible and renewable

Biogas is a renewable non-intermittent storable energy source that can also be used as fuel.

Circular economy

Besides transforming environmental liabilities into 100% renewable energy or fuel, the biogas generation also produces biofertilizer and green CO2.

Reduced GEE Emissions

Less emissions and lower water and soil contamination.

Carbon credit
and I-RECs

Generated during the biogas production process.

Here’s biogas productive process.


Eva has around 20MW total capacity in three states and new investments on the horizon.

Ipiranga do Norte (MT)


Brazil’s biggest electric energy plant from swine farming biogas

São Gonçalo (RJ)


Coming soon

Seropédica (RJ)


In operation

Mauá (SP)


In operation

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